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A Pasta Parade

Project Type

Digital Recipe Planner

Nothing says Italy like its food; nothing says Italian food like pasta. It is estimated that Italians eat more than 60 pounds of pasta per person! This pasta parade includes three different sauces for dried packaged pasta (pasta secca); shows you how to make a hand-rolled pasta (pasta fresca) without a pasta machine; shares my most-requested pasta dish - Lasagna; and gives you a gluten-free option in the form of a roasted spaghetti squash.

A Pasta Parade Digital Recipe Planner Includes...

- Pasta Carbonara Recipe Card*
- Pasta alla Norma Recipe Card
- Red Wine-Braised Beef Ragù Recipe Card
- Eight Cheese, Two Meat Lasagna Recipe Card
- Handrolled Garganelli Recipe Card
- Spaghetti Squash Recipe Card
- Shopping Resources and Links

*recipe card includes a link to a video on the CulinaryCam YouTube Channel

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