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Amuse Your Bouche

Project type

Digital Recipe Planner

Amuse your bouche, I say, with these tasty tidbits. 'amuse-bouche' from the French words amuser - "amuse" - and bouche - "mouth"). Amuse-bouche. An amusing mouthful. One mouthful. Only one bite. Okay, so depending on your bite, some of these are more like two bites! Best of all, most of these can be done ahead of time and you have more time to spend with guests! Fantastic Holiday Appetizers...

Amuse Your Bouche Digital Recipe Planner includes...

Recipe Cards for...

A Crostini Matrix + Bagna Cauda-Bathed Egg Salad Crostini
Beet-Marbled Eggs with Feta
Chorizo-Stuffed Mushrooms
Smoked Salmon Poppies
Grilled Prawns with Caviar Lime
Double Potato Frittata
Cocktail Meatballs
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