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Peaches and Cream Cocktail #SummerCocktails

With summer stone fruit season coming up, I wanted to share one of my favorite cocktails made with fresh peach purée and bourbon.

I am giving the measurements in parts instead of ounces so you can scale up or scale down as needed. For two small cocktails, these parts equal ounces. But adjust as needed.


  • 3 parts bourbon

  • 1 part heavy whipping cream

  • 1 part peach purée

  • 1 part maple syrup

  • pinch of ground cinnamon

  • thin peach slices for garnish

  • Also needed: ice, cocktail shaker


Fill cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Pour in the bourbon, cream, peach puree, and maple syrup. Add in a dash of cinnamon. Shake for at least 30 seconds. Strain into a serving glass. Garnish with fresh peach slices. Cheers!

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