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Colliding Gingerbread Traditions: Columbian Cookies Meet Intricate Polish Designs

I made these for a friend's birthday celebration. I used a recipe for Galletas Cucas, Columbian gingerbread cookies, for the base; then I decorated them in the style of Pierniczki, Polish gingerbread cookies topped with intricate royal icing designs.

You can get the recipe for the cookies: here.

Royal Icing

  • 3 egg whites, or more to thin icing

  • 6 cups organic powdered sugar, or more to thicken icing

  • juice from 1 to 2 organic lemons (I used a Meyer lemon)

Beat the whites until stiff but not dry. Add sugar and lemon juice. Beat for another minute. If the icing is too thick, add more egg whites; if it's too thin, add more sugar. This icing may be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Pipe designs onto your cookies and let set completely before serving.

Because these are crispy, I serve them with hot chocolate for dipping.

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