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The Hundred Foot Journey Round-Up #MoviesandMunchies

This month I asked the Movies & Munchies group to watch - or rewatch as the case may be - The Hundred Foot Journey. While I didn't write an invitation to this month's fun and games,

I was frankly a little surprised that no one made an omelette. Marguerite tells Hassan: "Madame Mallory knows in just one mouthful if a chef has the potential to be great." And, given the opportunity, Hassan has Mme. Mallory help him make an omelette. That is one of my favorite movie food scenes. Ever. I amde a masala omelette for dinner one evening. That recipe is coming.

This month, the #MoviesandMunchies offerings, inspired byThe Hundred Foot Journey, were...

From A Day in the Life on the Farm

Wendy participated back in 2015 when we watched the movie for the now defunct group #FoodNFlix. She shared, "This time I was inspired by a scene at the beginning of the movie when Hassan and his family uncover a large cooking vessel that "is perfect for Chicken Masala". Click on the title above to go to her original recipe post.

From Our Good Life

Terri mentioned the omelette scene, but went a different direction. She wrote, "One of my favorite scenes is when Hassan cooks Madame Mallory an omelet. The music, the food, and the whole scene are simply sublime. So much inspiration in this movie! I decided to be a bit more practical and to use the ingredients found in my refrigerator. I know from watching enough movies that chefs like to use what is fresh and available, so that's my story, too! I hope you enjoy this delicious soup." So true, my friend. I can't wait to try your soup recipe.

From Eliot's Eats

Debra posted, "I found the film, which I just recently re-watched, definitely more upbeat and joyous. The scenery struck me, especially in the French village. There was an other worldly look to the street that separated Le Saule Pleureur and Maison Mumbai . Hassan’s unique and inherent culinary talent almost borders on fantasy (or magical-realism), thus giving the film a dreamlike timelessness to it. The film also is much more upbeat than the novel. (Or, as upbeat as it could get with the death of the matriarch in the first few minutes of the film.)" Thanks for joining in for this encore look at the movie almost 8 years after we first did that double-feature between #CooktheBooks and #FoodNFlix.

From Culinary Cam

As for me, I was inspired by the five mother sauces that Hassan masters from his French cuisine books. Hollandaise is something that we make often. It elevates our breakfasts and brunch to fancy status!

That's a wrap on the January #MoviesandMunchies event. We'll be back next month when Amy of Amy's Cooking Adventures hosts as we watch 500 Days of Summer. That's a new one for me. I can't wait. Stay tuned.

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1 Comment

Wendy Klik
Wendy Klik
Feb 01, 2023

I enjoyed rewatching this film and am glad you chose it. So much food inspiration!!

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