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A First Glance: The #WorldWineTravel Writers Take Another Look at Uruguayan Wines

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

This month I am hosting the #WorldWineTravel group to take another look at the wines from Uruguay. Before a couple of years ago, I had never poured a wine from Uruguay. Now, they are some of my favorites reds. Ahhh...Tannat!

However, they also have a broad range in everything from whites to rosés to reds. For my offering, I decided to explore the lighter shades this month.

But here's a first glance at the line-up of articles...

An Immigrant-Influenced Cuisine

Whenever you see a country that has colonial roots, you find cuisine that has vestiges of the various streams of immigration. Uruguay is no exception.

As an example, you'll find culinary influences from Spain in the form of Choripán, a combination of the words chorizo (sausage) and pan (bread). Harkening back to its Galician immigrants, you'll find Empanadas Gallegas which are pies filled with tuna, onions, and bell peppers. And, with the influence of Uruguayans of Italian descent, they have Ñoquis de Papa or Potato Gnocchi.

Though these are not Empanadas Gallegas, I shared homemade empanadas on the Culinary Cam YouTube channel a couple of years ago. Watch it there...or below.

All of the posts from the #WorldWineTravel writers will be live by Saturday, August 26th. Check back to be inspired!

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